About Me

I started programming back in grade six when I stumbled upon a how-to-build-your-own-website book in a public library. Back then, all I had was Notepad and IE6 so all I could make were simple HTML websites with fancy dropdown menus. I later transitioned to PHP and WordPress in high school and did some freelance work for my teachers.

My favourite aspect of programming and ultimately what made me decide to pursue this as a career was the joy I get when I see the monitor change every time I modify my code.

Interesting stuff I've done in school:

Internships (co-ops) during my undergrad:

During my undergrad, I've alternated between four months of school and four months of internships. This allowed me to gain real-world experience and to apply the theoretical concepts learned in class. To see my responsibilities and full work history, please download my resume (PDF).

I sometimes blog about the interesting stuff I encounter in life: