I started programming back in grade six (11 years ago!) when I stumbled upon an how-to-build-your-own-website book in the library. Since then, I developed a strong desire to learn more about computers and to become a computer programmer someday. I later transitioned to PHP and WordPress in high school and did some freelance work for my teachers.

In university, I learned the full software stack from electrons, to transistors, to CPU design, to assembly, to abstract languages, and finally to data structures and algorithms. Nowadays, I enjoy working on data visualization and building web apps. I'm also known to occasionally stay up till 5 a.m. fixing that one last bug in my side projects. Grrr...

Topics I'm interested in:

Interesting stuff I've done in school:

Internships (co-ops) during my undergrad:

During my undergrad, I've alternated between four months of school and four months of internships. This allowed me to gain real-world experience and to apply the theoretical concepts learned in class. To see my responsibilities and full work history, please download my resume (PDF).